Customer Reviews

Charles C. in Visalia, CA on 11/08/2017
Charles said everything was excellent and he was happy with what the staff did. They did a good job and they were fair. They answered all of his questions.

Sonny C. in Visalia, CA on 11/06/2017
Sonny said the mechanics are good.

Pat T. in Visalia, CA on 11/06/2017
Pat said she has known the business for years. They are very reliable and they are trustworthy.

Don T. in Visalia, CA on 11/02/2017
Don said he's had very good luck with them. He has been doing business with them for years and their reputation has been exemplary. He knows he can trusts them.

Gallardo L. in California on 11/01/2017
Spoke with Arnold. He said he was really happy with the service he got from this business.

Ken M. in California on 10/28/2017
Ken said he always uses this business. They are very timely and if he is ever unsatisfied they fix the problem.

John P. in Visalia, CA on 10/16/2017
John said the employees were professional. They know what they are doing. They provided excellent service and the work was done on time.

Roy J. in Visalia, CA on 10/16/2017
Roy said he likes this business.

Ron C. in Visalia, CA on 10/16/2017
Ron said this business is a good to work with. They are honest and they provide the best service possible.

Ralph F. in Visalia, CA on 10/09/2017
Ralph said the business did what he had requested

Greg L. in California on 10/09/2017
Greg said the business is excellent and Tom and Danny do a great job.

Larry L. in Visalia, CA on 10/02/2017
Larry said everything was good, as always.

John B. in Visalia, CA on 09/29/2017
John said they are great and he loves doing business with them.

Marty D. in California on 09/28/2017
Marty said their customer service is incredible. They are really easy to talk to. They are good people in general.

Alex S. in Visalia, CA on 09/18/2017
Alex said he would recommend the business for service.

Joe M. in Visalia, CA on 09/15/2017
Fast honest service.

Doug B. in Visalia, CA on 08/31/2017
Doug said he has known this business for years and they always do a great job for him.

Alonzo J. in California on 08/30/2017
Alonzo said the gentleman who was at the front desk had great customer service. The mechanics did an amazing job and they left everything better than they found it.

Grag S. in California on 08/28/2017
Grag said the business is really good and they had really good communication. They kept him informed and they let him know when they were ready.

Dennis D. in Visalia, CA on 08/25/2017
will bring all my cars here for quality service

Frank F. in Hanford, CA on 08/19/2017
Frank said the business was outstanding and he was having issues with this one problem and they got it all squared away.

Holley M. in Visalia, CA on 08/17/2017
Holley said she is very happy and satisfied with the service the business provides. They take her vehicle in when she needs it and it costs what they estimated. She has taken three vehicles to the business and she will continue to use them.

Felipe S. in California on 08/12/2017
Spoke with Sylvia. She said she likes the service that was given to her daughter and they were able to work on her particular make and model. They worked very quickly and efficiently

Brandon J. in California on 08/12/2017
Brandon said this business was quick and affordable.

Julio L. in California on 08/11/2017
Julio said the business did a great job.

Louie L. in California on 07/28/2017
Louie said they were pretty helpful. They went out of their way to get him the right parts. They were great.

Richard S. in California on 07/28/2017
Richard said this business was very honest and straight forward with him. They did their job very efficiently and when there was a minor hiccup they handled it very quickly and efficiently. He is very glad one of his neighbors referred him and very pleased with the way everything turned out.

Randy C. in Visalia, CA on 07/26/2017
Spoke with Alice. She said the business provides really good service.

Bob S. in California on 07/26/2017
Bob said this business was helpful, and they did what they said they would do. He appreciates them, and will be back in the future.

Steve D. in California on 07/26/2017
Steve said this business did a good job and he would recommend them.

John P. in Visalia, CA on 07/26/2017
Spoke with Martha. She said John likes this business very much.

Wayne Y. in California on 07/26/2017
Wayne said the service was over the top. He was very impressed. Their knowledge is awesome. He is very pleased with everything they did. He has absolutely no problems with them.

Debbie M. in Visalia, CA on 07/26/2017
Debbie said this business took care of her right away and she had no problems with her vehicle.

Dennis D. in Visalia, CA on 07/25/2017
Dennis said he dealt with Dan and he was very knowledgeable. He was a very good person to deal with. They did a very good job and he looks forward to dealing with them in the future.

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